UK Update

A Guy I Once Dated Is Now Famous, And It’s As Weird As You’d Imagine

My daughter was asleep in her room down the hall, and my husband and I gathered our bowls of popcorn…

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Madhya Pradesh high court holds thirty days as a reasonable period for filing a reply to SCN – Times of India

MUMBAI: The Madhya Pradesh high court has held that Raymond Limited was not afforded a reasonable opportunity under Section 73…

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Breaking news

Poll shows US Republican candidate with biggest edge over Biden

Nikki Haley is recognised by WSJ poll respondents as a stronger candidate than Donald Trump in a hypothetical 2024 race…

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CRONT: Empowering Optical Tweezers with “Biometric Eyes”

Newswise — Optothermal nanotweezers, an innovative optical manipulation technique over the past decade, have revolutionized classical optical manipulation by efficiently…

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Transit riders disappointed by OC Transpo fare hike | CBC News

Some OC Transpo riders and one local transit advocacy group say they’re disappointed Ottawa city council has decided to not…

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Russain & Ukrain

, – 8 . ., 11 , , , – . , . , -, 5-10 /. -4…+1°, -2…+3°; 0…+5°,…

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Founded Centuries Ago, America’s First Public Park Still Attracts Millions

Boston, Massachusetts —  Almost 400 years ago, America’s early European settlers voted to tax each household six shillings — about…

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World Update

Michael Gove defends ‘salty intervention’ after middle finger social media dig at Labour

Michael Gove has defended as a “salty intervention” a Conservative Party social media post that attacked Labour using an image…

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Pak News

Makkah Route serves 618,000 pilgrims in 5 years

JEDDAH: The Drone Champions League — billed as the “world championship for professional drone racing” — will hold its…

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UK Update

Scots workers deserve clarity on what new industrial injuries benefit will look like

Writing for the Record, Labour MSP Mark Griffin says workers and trade unions should be given a voice in designing…

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