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WhatsApp has started rolling out three new features for iPhone users. Earlier available only for beta testers, the Meta-owned platform is now widely rolling out the chat transfer feature, landscape mode support for video calls and silence unknown callers option for iPhone users.

WhatsApp has started rolling out the iOS 23.13.78 update for iOS users which brings three new features: chat transfer, landscape mode support for video calls, and the ability to silence unknown callers.
What is chat transfer feature?

The chat transfer feature gives users the ability to migrate their chat history to another iPhone without relying on an iCloud backup. Users need to download WhatsApp on their new phone, register with the same phone number, and use the old device to scan the QR code shown on the new phone to transfer their chat history.
What is silence unknown callers feature?
The purpose of the Silence Unknown Callers feature is to enhance your privacy and give you more control over your incoming calls. Its main function is to automatically filter out spam, scams, and calls from unknown contacts, providing an extra layer of protection. Once activated, these calls won’t interrupt you with ringing notifications; instead, they will be logged in your call log. This allows you to review them later, in case any of them turn out to be from someone important.
What is landscape mode for video calls?
The landscape mode offers a wider and more expansive view of the video call interface when compared to the portrait mode. This feature allows call participants to view more people on the screen simultaneously, enhancing the overall video call experience.
Along with the above-mentioned features, the update also brings the sticker tray has been completely revamped with enhanced navigation and an expanded collection of stickers, including a greater variety of Avatars

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