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‘Barbie’ sees two women melee in theatre as clip goes viral

Barbie supports no violence
‘Barbie’ supports no violence 

In one of Brazil’s cinemas, as soon as Barbie’s credits started to roll, two women came to a head, leading to a scene recorded in a now-viral clip.

The cause of aggression was kickoff by a ‘shouting contest’, as per Dexerto.

Later, the heated argument was turned into a fight where one woman shoved another to the theatre’s stairs.

In the midst, a man intervened to cool down things between the fighting women.

As the video gained traction on the internet, some explained the matter after translating Portuguese in the clip to English.

It revealed the woman was irritated after her movie experience was disturbed after another lady’s kid was watching Youtube with “max volume” as the latter did not stop it.

In other news, Barbie is on the watchlist of couples, friends, and families, so when an aunt took her niece to see the Mattel doll. All hell broke loose because she didn’t take her other young niece.

Reddit user u/Salty-Village299 – revealed her ordeal on the well-known ‘Am I the ***’ subreddit as she was labelled “selfish” within her family for her decision.

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