First two deaths in 2023 from dengue infection in Singapore; number of cases, clusters decline

SINGAPORE: Two people died of dengue infection in Singapore from April to June this year, marking the first deaths from local dengue infection in 2023, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said in its second-quarter update on Tuesday (Jul 25).

According to NEA data as of December 2022, there were a total of 19 deaths from dengue infection in Singapore last year.

The number of dengue cases and clusters have decreased as compared to the first quarter of 2023.

There were 1,989 cases of infection reported from April to June this year, a decrease of 15.7 per cent from the previous quarter of January to March.

NEA also identified 213 clusters from April to June, 170 of which were closed in the same period.

The number of identified clusters fell by about 34 per cent, as compared to the previous quarter, it added.

But during the same period, the number of mosquito breeding habitats detected went up by about 15 per cent compared to the previous quarter, totalling about 5,300.

NEA said the top five breeding habitats in homes for the second quarter of 2023 include domestic containers such as pails, flower pot plates and trays, ornamental containers like vases, canvas or plastic sheets and refuse bins placed outside landed houses.

It added the top five breeding habitats in public areas include covered parameter drains, discarded receptacles, gully traps, scupper drains at housing estates and covered parking drains.

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