Retired Guelph police dog Charger dies at 12 | CBC News

A retired Guelph Police Service dog who handled more than 1,100 canine calls died at his home on Monday at the age of 12.

Charger retired in September 2020 after serving since 2011. He was the canine partner of Sgt. Andrew Crowe.

The German shepherd was certified in tracking, building searches, area searches, article searches, agility, obedience and apprehension, police said in a release.

He was also certified to detect eight different narcotics, firearms and Canadian and American currency.

He regularly participated in canine competitions across North America and won many or finished in the top 10, the service said.

“We would like to thank PSD Charger for his dedicated and loyal service to the community,” the police service wrote in the news release issued Tuesday. “He will be missed and remembered by the many whose lives he enriched.”

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