Cormorant helicopters called in to assist with N.S. search-and-rescue operations | CBC News

Two CH-149 Cormorant helicopters have been deployed to assist the RCMP in Nova Scotia with flood rescue efforts in areas that have been cut off from road access.

The helicopters have been called in from 14 Wing Greenwood and 9 Wing Gander to assist in flood response primarily around the Windsor, East Hants and Brooklyn areas of the province.

Lt.-Cmdr. Len Hickey, the public affairs officer for the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Halifax, said the helicopters have been assisting with rescue efforts since they were requested by the RCMP on Saturday at 3 a.m. AT.

Hickey said the RCMP is leading the operations.

“They’re primarily used for search and rescue, for marine search and rescue, of course,” Hickey said.

“That’s their primary use. But, of course, when they’re asked for assistance in other areas, especially provincial requests, they certainly do what they can to help out.”

The helicopters are being used to assist in recovering stranded people and taking them to muster locations, medical facilities or higher ground, he said.

According to the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Cormorant can carry up to 12 stretchers or a load of 5,000 kilograms.


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