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This is how much electricity bill will cost you now

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Wednesday approved Rs7.50 hike per unit in power tariff which will certainly take a heavy toll on the electricity bills.

The power regulator granted approval for government’s request to increase basic power tariff by up to Rs7.50 per unit.

NEPRA has forwarded the decision to the federal government for notification and following it, the new tariff will be applicable from July 1.

It has been announced that lifeline customers will be exempted from the hike in electricity prices.

According to the decision, there will be an increase of Rs6 per unit in peak hour tariff.

The increase in the basic tariff will generate a revenue of Rs600 billion for the government.

The average tariff has risen from Rs22.59 to Rs29.36.

For users consuming up to 300 units, the average tariff will reach Rs50 after adding taxes while for those using up to 700 units, the tariff will exceed Rs60 with addition of taxes and surcharges,

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