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The City of Saint John wants its residents to party this summer.

This week, the city launched its Community Block Party Trailer, a vibrant 14-foot van holding a barbecue, a canopy, tables, chairs, games, hula hoops and a sound system for party goers to blast tunes. 

Saint John Mayor Donna Reardon said the goal is to bring communities together.

“In the summertime, especially when the weather is great, you want to get outside, you want to get out with the kids, you want to do something with your neighbours. It just helps facilitate that.”

A woman in a coral jean jacket and a black straw sun hat smiles in front of a brightly coloured van.
Saint John Mayor Donna Reardon says the Trailer will help groups bring their neighborhoods together for fun on warm summer days. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

For those without a barbecue or the necessary supplies, the Community Block Party Trailer solves the problem.

“It’s wildly simple,” Reardon said. The van is free to rent and can be booked online on the City of Saint John website. The only requirements are that people clean the equipment and stay within the city limits. Only community groups, not individuals, should be the ones booking it, Reardon said. 

Lori Lambert, Saint John’s supervisor for community development, proposed the Community Block Party Trailer when the city began prioritizing new recreational efforts after several years of events cancelled by COVID-19. 

The trailer initiative received a budget of $45,000 for the trailer and its contents.

WATCH | Check out Saint John’s new block party trailer:

Block-rocking beats — and other party goodies — are a call away in Saint John

If you’re hosting a party, the City of Saint John wants to help out with a new block party trailer that can book free of charge.

“It was definitely a worthwhile investment,” Lambert said. “Going forward, the cost is pretty minimal to maintain it.”

The idea originated from a past community program called the Green Machine. 

Also free to book, community members were able to rent a van equipped with cleaning supplies for neighbourhood cleanups.

Similar in size, the Green Machine comes with a long list of supplies, including rakes, shovels, pruning shears and safety equipment. It will be available to book again in Fall 2023. 

A woman wearing glasses with blonde hair up in a bun stands smiling in front of a colorful van.
Lori Lambert, Saint John’s supervisor for community development, attends the unveiling of the Community Block Party Trailer. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

Currently, the city allows one booking per day for the Block Party Trailer. The van is dropped off at the location and comes with a city staffer to oversee maintenance.

Saint John has a strong sense of neighbourhood solidarity, Lambert added.

“We’re all very proud to say, ‘I live in Greendale or I live in Lakewood Heights,” she said. “We want to celebrate those neighbourhoods, we want to celebrate our beautiful parks here in the city, so this is just another mechanism to do that.” 

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