Pre-Analytic Innovations from SARSTEDT at AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

Newswise — As a leader in pre-analytic innovation, SARSTEDT provides 360 solutions for improving specimen quality, reducing turnaround time, and automating labs of all sizes with customizable modular systems.

Join us in booth #1439 – our pre-analytical experts will lead short in-booth  Workflow Walkthroughs on Tuesday and Wednesday at 11:00am and  3:30pm.

Plan to attend our Industry Workshop on July 26 at 1:45pm in Exhibit Hall Theater #3. Dr. Mark Kellogg, Associate Director of Chemistry at Boston Children’s Hospital, will present Maximizing pediatric laboratory efficiency through automation and improved quality small-volume S-Monovette® primary tubes. Dr. Kellogg will discuss improving sample rejection rates by reducing hemolysis, clotting and improper labeling, as well as integrating the S-Monovette® into a total laboratory automation process.

And check out the lighted tubes traveling overhead. The SARSTEDT Tempus600® is a dedicated transportation system for sending specimen  tubes quickly and reliably to the laboratory without batching or packing into carriers. Sample tubes arrive within seconds to a laboratory receiving station for immediate processing. Samples arrive continuously as sent, reducing peaks for faster and more predictable workflow.

We are pleased to demonstrate how the Tempus600® and IVD systems such as the Roche cobas® connection modules work together to shorten  the time between tests being ordered and results being ready. Watch as  blood collection tubes leave SARSTEDT Booth 1439 and arrive at Roche  Booth 2201 in seconds! 


S-Monovette® and Tempus600® are registered trademarks of SARSTEDT AG & Co. KG cobas® is a registered trademark of Roche Diagnostics.

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