Tree falls on car in Etobicoke park during severe weather but man inside escapes without injury | CBC News

A man escaped injury after his car was hit by a tree in an Etobicoke park on Sunday afternoon as severe weather swept over the area.

Yasmine Messina-Perez said she rushed to Marie Curtis Park when her husband, Jose Ruiz, called her to say a tree fell on his car while he was inside it. The park is at 2 Forty Second St., near Lakeshore Road East.

Messina-Perez, eight months pregnant, said she was in class when she received the phone call. She is taking a class on how to sell insurance.

“It’s pretty crazy. It is, honestly,” Messina-Perez said on Sunday at the park. “I’m happy that nothing happened that was severe because that would be very unnecessary at this time.”

Ruiz said in Spanish that he had just gotten into the car to drive off when he heard a loud noise and the tree landed on the vehicle. He was able to get out without injury.

Environment Canada had issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Toronto on Sunday, with the forecast calling for strong winds and heavy rain. The storm brought rain and hail to the park and scattered tree debris. Small broken branches were strewn throughout the park.

The warning ended shortly before 3:30 p.m.

couple after tree falls on car
Yasmine Messina-Perez, left, and Jose Ruiz, right, after a tree fell on their car on Sunday in Marie Curtis Park. (Lorenda Reddekopp/CBC)

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