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Zeba Bakhtiar shares tips for early diabetics

By Abid Usman

Zeba Bakhtiar is one of the most graceful and talented veteran actress of Pakistan. She has given multiple hit projects in her career and she knows how to impress the audience. Zeba Bakhtiar is also a very intelligent woman and she has been an inspiration for the women of Pakistan because of her hard work, resilience and dedication.
She said in a recent interview that she actually got diabetes when she was 25 years old only. This was shocking as the disease did not run in her family and she got it as some medicine effected her pancreas. Thus, she started taking care of herself and she is always doing yoga and gym to remain fit and take care of he health. She shared that she is aiming for 6 pack at the age of 60 and she motivates other women to care for themselves also.
Zeba also gave tips to people who have become diabetic at a very young age. She said that maintaining your diet is very important and to take care of hats going inside their bodies. She also said that yes taking the recommended medicines are important but taking care of your diet and lifestyle comes first.

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